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Becoming a Signatory Contractor


IBEW Local #596 provides clients throughout North Central West Virginia with highly-trained, highly-qualified electrical workers.  Our objective is to provide the most productive, cost-effective, quality-minded workforce available anywhere.


Here at Local #596 we provide trained professional electricians to commercial, industrial, and residential building contractors. We have approximately 400 members in and around the North Central West Virginia area available for short and long-term employment. We also operate a nationally recognized apprenticeship program to ensure the ongoing availability of trained, qualified workers.


Benefits of being Signatory

Here are some key benefits of becoming a signatory contractor

Productivity- Higher productivity means higher profits. IBEW members have to be the best trained, most highly skilled and productive craftsmen available anywhere. that means on-time and on-budget. That means no rework.


Lower safety-related costs- Our uniform training programs stress the connection between safety and competitiveness. IBEW members put safety first every time, which means you save on comp cost, and downtime costs.

Flexible Help- Having the help you need when you need it saves you money on labor costs. IBEW members are available when you need them, for as long as you need them. When you are done, their employment concludes or you can move them to another job. No advertising or recruitment is necessary. We can fill you employment needs with skilled, qualified workers in less than 72 hrs


Supervision- How long does it take you to develop a good foreman or superintendent? How much money does it cost you along the way? One of the most common reasons companies become signatory union contractors is because they want to grow. And we can help you do that with qualified supervision. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I heard the IBEW would tell me how to run my business.

A: We are not in the contracting business, you are. We provide manpower. We will do what we can to help but only if asked.

Q: Will I lose control of my company?

A: No, we work for you. And you will spend less time on employee issues and more time running your business.

Q: Will I be able to fire a worker for cause?

A: Yes, it is your company.

Q: How long must I keep someone I have hired?

A: However long you need to keep them, that is your choice.