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                                  IBEW LOCAL # 596 REFERRAL POLICY

                                       Effective 1-Jan-2017


Applicants must initially register on the “Out of Work List” in person during normal work hours, Monday thru

Friday. (Holidays Excluded)

Registrants must renew their application from the 10th to the 16th of each month by one of the following four

(4) Methods to remain on the “Out of Work Lists”:

                 1) In person (Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. Closed on weekends Holidays

                 2) *Fax to: (304) 622-2099

                 3) *Mail to: IBEW Local #596 P.O.Box 1508 Clarksburg WV. 26302-1508

                          (Must be postmarked between the 10th & the 16th of the Month)

                 4) *Email to resign@ibew596.com

* Registrants who renew their applications by Faxes, Email or Mail must include their Name, Address, Local #,

    Card # and current Phone #.

    Email Resigns shall include required information in the subject line, they will receive confirmation on position

    # And Strike count for this time.

Registrants must renew their application in person once a year on their anniversary month to remain on the Out

     Of work List

Registrants who fail to renew their application during the 10th thru the 16th of each month or in person annually

As described, will be removed from the Out of Work List and will have to re-register in person.                             


The Referral Office will maintain a job line (304) 622-0151 Ext. 39. Information concerning referrals for the next

Day will be recorded on the job line, which will be updated daily by 6:00pm. If interested in the posted referrals

You can either send an e-mail to daybook @ibew596.com or report the following day in person to the Union

Hall to sign the Day Book from 8 am -9:30 am jobs being filled at 9:30 am.

 REQUIREMENTS FOR DAYBOOK EMAIL **************************

  • Emails must be in subject line and contain Name, Local #, Card # and Phone # that you can be

Reached at 9:30 am.

               2)   All Emails must be received by 7 am the morning of daybook.

               3)   Dues must be paid up as well as meet all the requirements to fill a call

All registrants who sign or email the Day-book, will be referred out by their ranking on the out of work lists.

 Once you are registered on the out of work list and the last applicant who accepts a call has a higher number than yours,

You will also receive a turndown. Multiple job offers on any one day shall be considered only (1) one turndown.

All registrants will be allowed (2) two turndowns before being rolled to bottom of out of work list on their (3)

Third turndown.

All registrants must register in person after being removed from the out of work list.

Refusal of a short call will not count as a turndown. Those working a short call will not be eligible for a long call.

After completing a short call all registrants must resign in person to be put back on the out of work list.


The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by the employers.

Referrals may have to be made outside normal working hours ,using whatever means necessary to fill the

Request by the employer to place registrants


All job sites in the jurisdiction of Local #596 require that referred workers have the following

         (1) OSHA 10 or 30

         (2) Pictured Driver’s License

         (3) Social Security Card or I-9 identification

         (4) Steel Toed boots or safety toed boots (where approved)

         (5) 14 Panel drug screening through PMCTEDF upon referral

         (6) Registration on ERTS through your home local

         (7) WV State Electrical License